Why Your Realtor Needs to be a Master Marketer

Why Your Realtor Needs to be a Master Marketer

  • Ina Bloom
  • 11/16/22

Selling your home can be stressful enough, and when partnering with a realtor, it’s important to know what they’re able to do for you. A realtor should be a master marketer and have plenty of tools at the ready to increase the visibility and interest of your Boca Raton real estate. Before learning how to sell your house with a realtor, here’s what you need to know about Boca Raton as a seller.

Boca Raton is ideally located next to cities like Fort Lauderdale and Miami while having perks of its own like country club communities with luxury amenities. Buyers are interested in moving to Boca Raton for these reasons, as well as for its tropical parks and beaches. Here’s how a realtor can help if you’re selling a property in this gorgeous area.

They will help you price accurately

A realtor will help you price your home competitively. They’ll know how to search the Boca Raton housing market for properties listed and sold that are similar to yours, then use a comparative market analysis to come up with a price for your home. Although homes in the area sell for a median of $703,571, a realtor will know how to account for specific upgrades and amenities, location, square footage, and the condition of your home when determining the price.

Pricing your home correctly is an important part of marketing because it impacts the type of attention you’ll receive for your listing. If you price a home too high, you can deter buyers from making an offer at all, or generate several low-ball offers. However, if you price too low, you may get a lot of offers but miss out on potential profit.

They know how to list competitively

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To create a compelling MLS listing that draws in viewers, an expert realtor will know to start with professional photos. A realtor should have access to several services, including a professional photographer and home stager, to increase the potential number of buyers interested in your property.

A listing with high-quality photos can sell much faster than one with amateur pictures. A professional photographer will know how to use lighting techniques and take photos from all the right angles to positively showcase all the most stunning features of your home. An expert photographer will also have experience with using editing software to make the photos look their best online. They can take aerial photos of the property, detailed videos to add to your listing and even 3-D matterports to give buyers an exact floor plan visual of the home.

An MLS listing should also have a good listing description that tells a buyer everything they need to know about the property. It shouldn’t be too long, but it should tell interested parties the general size and layout of the property, amenities, upgrades or renovations, and perks about the surrounding location. For example, a listing in Boca Raton may include information about outdoor areas like access to popular beaches, shopping plaza’s and highways.

They use several strategies

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A realtor’s marketing ability won’t end with just the MLS, even though it is a very valuable tool. They’ll have a professional network of connections with other agents in the area to help spread the word about your listing and attract a larger pool of buyers. They’ll also know how to use other online platforms to help spread the word, such as Facebook, Instagram, and their own website.

Although online is a good place to market, a realtor will also use physical strategies to market your home to buyers. They’ll invest in brochures and mailers for your property with information about your house and contact information. They’ll also help schedule showings, prepare your home for visitors, and schedule open houses.

They screen buyers

Once they’ve created interest in your home, an agent will sort through interested buyers to narrow down which ones seem serious. They’ll know what questions to ask a buyer to determine how interested they are in the home, how qualified they are to make an offer, and what types of motivations they have for moving. For example, a buyer interested in moving to Boca Raton may be interested in a good place for their family or a fun place to retire, in which case its great schools and surrounding golf courses and tennis courts make it ideal.

A realtor will also take extra steps to make sure a buyer is qualified when seriously considering their offers, like checking for a mortgage pre-approval, their credit score, and their debt-to-income ratio. An expert agent will be able to speak professionally and confidently with buyers’ agents and advocate for your goals and your property.

They’re experts in negotiation

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A realtor has gone through the home selling process several times and knows the ins and outs of what makes a good or bad deal. They’re also not emotionally invested in the property like you may be, which is an asset in securing the best offer. A realtor will make the most of their marketing tactics by knowing what customs to abide by and the legal regulations to follow.

Ready to work with a Boca Raton realtor?

It’s extremely important for your realtor to be a master marketer if you want your home to attract the right type of buyers quickly. When you’re ready to sell your home, contact the Ina Bloom Team for the guidance you can trust. Ina has been a Boca Raton resident for 17 years and possesses tried-and-true marketing skills to guide you through the selling process for your luxury home. Reach out to her today.

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